17 Skin Care Tips for Girls[Worth Reading]

Are you one of the girls are too lazy to stick to a solid skin care routine? You don’t have to worry as we have the perfect tips to give you a healthy and glowing skin. Here are 23 useful skin care tips that every girl needs to follow.

  1. What’s Your Skin Type?


  • Do you know which skin type you have?
  • Do you have an oily, dry or mixed skin?

If you know what your skin type is only then you can take the best care of your skin. As each skin type requires a special kind of treatment. But if you are too lazy to follow that then make sure to always go for beauty products that have natural ingredients instead of harsh, artificial chemicals.

Natural products work slowly but are perfect for your skin in the long run. Make sure you know your skin type.

  1. Make Sure to Cleanse Twice

Girl Cleansing

If you are constantly surrounded by pollution, or exercise a lot or wear makeup then make sure to cleanse your face twice a day.

Not less than twice and not more than twice. You should cleanse your face with a mild face scrub once in the morning and before bed to get all the residue off your face. If you do not cleanse your face you could cause breakouts on your face.

Start with a gentle cleanser like Micellar Water by L’Oreal. These mild cleansers would make your skin healthier in the long run.

  1. Always Make Sure to Moisturize


As much as cleansing is important it is just as important to moisturize. If you skip this step you would leave your skin to get more dry and flaky.

Moisturizing hardly takes a few seconds, so always make sure to add moisturizing in your daily skin care routine if you want a smooth and silky skin.

When you take a shower or wash your face make sure to moisturize when your skin is still damp to lock in that moisture.

It is one of the most essential steps to taking care of your skin.

  1. Stay Hydrated


Water is the best gift you could give to your skin. Make sure you always drink water.

Taking care of your skin externally is effective only when you are taking care of the body from within as well. If you drink enough water each day you would hydrate your skin.

Staying hydrated would give you a glowing and healthy skin naturally. Make sure to always keep a water bottle with you. Avoid drinking juices and drinks high in sugar and artificial flavoring.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

When we sleep our body is the most active in repairing our skin. If you get a good night’s sleep you would have a healthy, glowing and youthful skin in no time.

Who doesn’t love sleeping? Yet work, stress and social media keep us up all night. It is important to get a good night’s sleep if you want to get healthy skin.

Nobody likes dark eyes, eye bags, and a dull looking skin, so make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep. Do not oversleep though as that can be just as bad for your skin as not sleeping at all.

  1. Avoid Licking Your Lips


We all know how tempting it is to lick your lips again and again when they get dry.

But did you know when you lick your lips you are only making them drier? Instead always keep a lip balm or Vaseline petroleum jelly with you to rub on your lips.

If you exfoliate your lips you could get rid of the dead skin giving them the pink color they need. So make sure you keep a lip balm with you at all times.

  1. Use Micellar Water


If you are a lazy person and do not have time to cleanse and moisturize your skin after a long day then gets Micellar Water. Micellar Water would do both those steps for you within seconds.

All you have to do is take a cotton pad and rub the Micellar Water all over your face, it would help get rid of makeup as well as leaving your skin smooth. So get Micellar Water to save time and get the same results as cleansing and moisturizing.  

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  1. Always Keep MakeUp Wipes With You

Always Keep MakeUp Wipes With You

If you are traveling, or ready to fall in bed after a long day makes sure you always have Makeup wipes with you.

If you have facial wipes with you can take off makeup within seconds without going through washing your face and the whole night skincare routine.

Although doing this every night is not recommended but sometimes it is better than not taking your makeup off at all. So make sure you always keep facial makeup wipes with you.

  1. Moisturize your Lips and Eyes

Moisturize your Lips and Eyes

Our lips and eyes are the most delicate parts of our face. It is important to choose an eye cream that is specifically made for eyes which do not include harsh chemicals.

Since Eye Cream is made for the sensitive area around our eyes they can be used on our lips as well. They would give them the same effect so if you want to moisturize your lips you can use an eye cream there too, or just use a lip balm.

Make sure to moisturize your eyes and lips to get the perfect look to your skin.

  1. Eat fruits and Vegetables

Eat fruits and Vegetables

Taking care of your skin externally is important but if you aren’t taking care of it internally then the external remedies won’t work either.

Make sure to add a lot of vegetables and fruits full of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to your diet. Fruits and Vegetables that are rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and other minerals would help give you a smooth, glowing and youthful skin.

So make sure to add a lot of Green vegetables and healthy fruits into your diet to get the perfect skin.


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  1. Stay Away From Foams

Whenever you choose your facial cleanser to make sure it isn’t a high-foaming cleanser.

Foam cleansers can strip your skin off healthy moisturize. Instead always go for cleaners that are light and include natural ingredients without any artificial perfumes and chemicals.

If you use harsh cleansers you would leave your skin dry, flaky and more prone to breakouts. Always go for gel-based or mild cleansers.  

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  1. Choose the Right Position To Sleep

Choose the Right Position To Sleep

Sleeping in the wrong position can be really bad for your skin. If you sleep in the wrong position you could cause more wrinkles and creases on your face.

If you sleep in the right position and do not squish your face into the pillow you could keep your skin from getting wrinkles.

Place your head on the pillow in such a way that your lower half of the face does not touch the pillow.

  1. Avoid The Sun

girl shielding herself from sun

As much as sunlight is important for our health and bones it is best advised to stay away from the harsh sun to avoid wrinkles on your face.

Staying in the sun too long can really damage your skin, but if you do have to stay in the sun always make sure you wear sunscreen.

A good sunscreen would keep your skin from getting wrinkles, being damaged and getting sunburn. So to avoid the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun always make sure you wear sunscreen.

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  1. Never Ever Wear MakeUp to Bed


We are all guilty of wearing makeup to bed at one point in our lives. Sometimes you really have had a long day and are too tired to take your makeup off.

But this is the worst thing you could ever do to your skin. It may seem like the best thing to just sleep and not go through your night skincare routine but it is best to take your makeup off first.

Makeup clogs your pores and could cause breakouts. If you do not want acne on your face then make sure to take that makeup off.

  1. Use An Overnight Mask

Girl washing Face

If you do not have time to apply a face mask and wait for it to take it off your best bet is getting an overnight mask.

What an overnight mask does for your skin is that it slowly heals your skin while you get those beauty Zzzs. Overnight masks are excellent if you want a radiant, healthy and glowing skin. Overnight Masks aren’t even as heavy as the normal masks, all you have to do is cleanse your face in the morning and you’re done.

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  1. Change your Pillowcase

If you want to keep your skin from developing wrinkles then make sure you get a silk or satin pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases lock the moisture from your face and cause more friction against your skin which can cause premature aging. So change your pillowcase to silk or satin today.

  1. Take Care of Your Neck:

Make sure to moisturize your neck as much as you can, and wear sunscreen on your neck as well.Always treat your neck with the same care as your face.
And also try to keep your phone and laptop at eye level so you don’t cause folds on your neck

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If you follow our best skin-care tips for girls you would surely see a huge positive difference on to your skin. So smile and start doing the things we mentioned and you would thank us.

Exercise, meditate, eat healthily, quit smoking, use mild cleansers, avoid makeup and moisturize. We hope you get a glowing, radiant and healthy in no time after following these tips.