8 Easy Natural Skin Whitening Tips [QUICK]

We are constantly surrounded by environment which is filled with bacteria, dust and harmful sun rays. It is important to get rid of all the elements that are harmful to our skin.

  • Harsh environment can cause your skin to look dull and colorless
  • If you do not want to use products that are filled with chemicals, then you should use natural ingredients that have bleaching properties.
  • You would be fair, white and pale within a few days

Here are some natural tips and remedies that you need to follow right now.

1. Lemon Juice For Skin

Lemon skin whitening

Lemon Juice is not only good for your digestive system and overall health but it serves amazing benefits for your skin too. Lemon Juice has been used for skin whitening purposes since centuries. It has bleaching properties that get rid of blemishes and spots in no time. It also gives you a natural looking glow.

If you wish to use Lemon on your skin the make sure you mix it with water. Then dab that mixture on your face and other parts of body with a cotton ball. If you apply this twice a week you would see excellent results. Make sure to moisturize later as Lemon can dry out your skin.

2. Potato For Skin

Potatoes are have natural bleaching properties like Lemons. If you wish to get rid of dull skin or spots then rub a slice of potato over that certain area to get fair skin. You could also blend the potato and apply the mixture on your face.

Potato skin whitening

It can also be applied under the eyes to get rid of eye bags and dark spots. If you apply the mixture everyday for a week you would see a change in your complexion.

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3. Tomato

Tomato skin whitening

Tomatoes are an excellent natural bleaching agent. If you have a dark spots, tan or a sunburn that you wish to get rid of then rub a tomato slice over your face or create a mixture of the paste. It would help get rid of dead cells and whiten your skin. You could also create a thick paste by mixing lemon and gram flour with the tomato paste. Apply the mixture of your face daily before taking a shower. You would have a healthy, glowing skin in no time.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt skin whitening

Yogurt would whiten your skin within days. If you rub yogurt on your face and leave it for 10-15 minutes you would notice the change. Yogurt is one of the best ingredients to whiten your skin.

You can also mix yogurt with honey and apply that mixture onto your face and see excellent results. If you wish to make it more effective then add lemon juice and oatmeal in the yogurt as well. Yogurt would not only help whiten your skin but it is also a great moisturizer.

5. Milk, Honey and Almond

Almond skin whitening

Honey is not only a good for your inner body but also the outer body. If you mix honey with almonds you could whiten your skin in no time. Just mix milk, honey, almond oil and lemon juice to get the best possible results. Apply it each day for a few minutes and notice your skin glow significantly.

6. Milk With Orange Peel

Orange peel with milk skin whitening

If you want to try the best remedy for skin whitening then try Milk/Yogurt with Powder of Orange peel. The thick paste can be easily applied onto your face and neck, leave it on for 20 minutes each day. It would not only whiten and give you a glowing face but also make your skin healthy overall.

7. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera skin whitening

Aloe Vera is a natural bleaching agent. It would leave your skin feeling silky soft and glowing in no time. It would help improve your complexion and get rid of dark spots. All you have to do is squeeze the sticky substance out of aloe vera and apply it gently onto your face. Leave the paste on for 30 minutes and rinse it off. You would see excellent results within a few days.

8. Natural Exfoliate:

Natural exfoliate skin whitening

If the above-mentioned remedies aren’t giving you the desired results then you can try natural exfoliators. Exfoliation aids in removing dead cells from your face and body.

  • There are many exfoliation methods:
    • You can create a salt and sugar exfoliator and mix any bleaching ingredient with it. You would see your skin whiten and glowing within a few days.

The Bottomline:

Whether you live in a cold or hot climate your skin is prone to harsh environment. You need to take better care of it and improve your complexion. The ingredients we mentioned are excellent for getting fair skin. You would see improvement and positive results within a few days of using the remedies we mentioned.