Life After With Tape-in Hair Extensions

I’m going to talk to you about hair extensions and how it continues to be an important part of my life. I’ve heard a lot of stories about them, both positive and negative, which is why I was a bit hesitant at first. Anyways I’m so glad I gave them a try!

I have experience using both the clip-ins and tape-ins and the difference between the two is day and night.

Clip-ins are a temporary way of wearing hair extensions since you’ll simply clip them when using them and un clip when you’re done for the day. Meanwhile, tape-ins are a more permanent method, since you will no longer detach them from your head.

I’m going to share with you how it was like wearing them every day and what it taught me about my hair and overall confidence.

My Story

Before I got pregnant, life was mostly ups and only a few downs for me. Most of the time, I was a cheery and positive person. I used to be a financial advisor and received attractive pays. I lived in a comfortable apartment with my boyfriend then. On weekends, I either visit my parents or go out with my friends. Life was almost perfect.

When I thought things couldn’t get any better, my boyfriend proposed to me and it was one of the best moments of my life! Everything went fast. I was juggling work and preparing for the wedding. Even if things got shaky at first, we handled them pretty well.

Then, the wedding came. It was so perfect! I felt I was the luckiest and most beautiful woman in the world. Finally, I was going to spend the rest of my life with the person I love the most!

After a year of married life, I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t understand what I was feeling back then. It was a mix of excitement, fear, love, and everything else. I didn’t picture myself as a mom and I wasn’t even sure if I could be a good one.

Anyway, my husband was thrilled. He was so happy so that made me happy. I remained positive and I knew we could do this. After all, one of our goals was to start a family.

Fast-forward, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I remembered how beautiful she looked and I told myself, I’m going to be the best mom for her. I decided to quit my job and focus all of my energy to her.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

After a few months, I was feeling sad all the time. I wasn’t losing the pregnancy weight. Instead, I was losing a lot of hair. I start to cry for no reason, and I didn’t notice at first, but everything irritates me. I know, my condition was screaming PPD (postpartum depression). I wasn’t aware of it at that time, so I didn’t do anything about it.

My husband noticed it and I thank all the heavens of how supportive he is. He decided to give me more time for myself. I started by taking longer walks at the park, went window shopping, and finally, went to the salon to have my nails done.

One of the staff there noticed how thin my hair was at the front area and how it lacked volume. I have straight hair and since giving birth, I stopped attending to my appearance. So I was aware it looked really boring.

She said hair wigs and extensions would help with my hair issue, and that’s how my life with hair extensions started. I wasn’t really a fan, but I was willing to try anything to boost my self up. After a lot of research and reading reviews, I finally decided to try them.

My First Hair Extensions

I first tried the clip-ins since they’re really easy to attach and remove. I didn’t have any experience with hair extensions, and with due diligence, I found out that the best way to go as a beginner is through clip-ins. I used them first when I was attending a friend’s wedding. I loved it so I was using them more often.

Since I was wearing them a lot, even when going out to do some groceries, I grew tired of putting and removing them each time I use them. When I was in a rush, I had to be in a hurry to attach them, which caused them to slip off sometimes. There were also times that the clips were showing, which was so ugly to look at!

What I Did

I adore hair extensions and the benefits that come with them, but I hate to keep attaching and removing them each time I wear them. So, I decided to shift from the clip-ins to the tape-in hair extensions. One thing I can tell you, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

I went to my favorite salon and told them I wanted to get tape-ins. They scheduled me a consultation first so they can inspect my hair color and texture so they’ll know how to match it properly. Our meeting turned out well and they’ve decided to go with two different colors for my extensions.

They ordered 100% Remy human hair extensions from Youngraceful for me. After a few weeks, I came back for my scheduled appointment.

How the Process Went

When I arrived at the salon, they immediately accommodated me and started the application. It was really simple. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the entire process. It took about two hours to attach all the tape-ins. After they were done, I was so impressed by how light the tape-ins felt! I immediately started to love them!

How Long I Can Wear Them

My stylist told me that I needed to go back every eight to ten weeks to re-attach the tape-in extensions. Also, I can reuse the hair extensions about two to three times more before I need to order new hair. It’s pretty awesome considering how much I could save. The downside though is they require more maintenance if I want them to last longer.

My Day-to-Day Experience Living With Hair Extensions

I’m still getting used to living with tape-in hair extensions. They need more maintenance compared to the clip-ins, which I’ve used for quite a while. The first time I showered with my tape-ins, I realized that they were actually heavy when wet! I remember my stylist mentioning it, but I wasn’t expecting they’d have that much weight.

I’m also more careful when styling my hair. It’s not good to tie my hair in a high ponytail when wearing tape-ins. I might pull them too much causing them to loosen up or even detach.

Since my tape-ins have real hair, I’m not too particular with the shampoo and conditioner. I shampoo and condition my hair like how I normally do with my natural hair. However, I do moisturize them to make sure they don’t get dry. I learned that hair extensions don’t enjoy the natural oil (produced by our scalp) that our real hair does.

Wearing tape-ins daily is such a breeze! They’re extremely light, and I feel like I’m not wearing any extensions at all! My hair is definitely fuller and longer and it feels thicker, which is really awesome! Aside from needing to take care of them more, I love everything about my tape-ins!

What I’ve Noticed With My Tape-in Hair Extensions So Far

After wearing tape-ins for a few weeks now, I’ve noticed that my hair looks definitely better. I don’t think I ever want to take them off! Apart from my hair being fabulous, here are the other things I’ve noticed with my tape-ins:

  • Drying my hair takes longer than usual. This is mainly because my hair is thicker and fuller now.
  • Since it takes more time to dry them, I limit the number of times I wash my hair. Doing so not only saves me more time for other stuff (especially my baby who is starting to crawl so fast now!), but I’ve come to know it will extend the lifespan of my tape-ins.
  • The first few nights of having my tape-ins were uncomfortable. This was because I was afraid of tangling and was thinking they might come off if I lay my head on my pillow. This feeling is normal for first-timers and will go away gradually.
  • Wearing tape-ins for a few weeks now made me notice that they can get warm. This is understandable as I have more hair on my head now. To tell you honestly, sometimes it was really warm that it was already uncomfortable.

This isn’t entirely a bad thing though – having thick hair will come in handy during cold weather!

  • They are incredibly lighter than clip-ins. I feel wonderful and more confident!

Taking Care of My Tape-in Hair Extensions

I’m still getting the hang of taking care of my tape-ins properly, but I’m getting there! Here are some of the things I do to maintain the quality of my hair extensions:

  • Since I have real hair tape-ins, I wash them like I wash my natural hair. I use regular shampoo and conditioner, but I apply hair mask to my hair at least once a week to prevent it from getting dry.
  • I brush my hair at least twice a day (and more if I have the time) to keep it smooth. I’m always careful to avoid pulling it too much.
  • I avoid brushing my hair when it’s wet. This is to prevent pulling my hair more than I should and to keep the tape-ins from sliding off.
  • When I apply conditioner, I only condition starting somewhere in the middle then to the tip.
  • Styling my hair is not hard, but I prefer to keep it low to avoid pulling and putting pressure on the extensions.
  • I style my hair into a low and loose braid before hitting the sheets to avoid any tangling while I’m sleeping.
  • My stylist’s advice is I shouldn’t color my extensions lighter. If I have to change the color, it must only be up to two shades darker. I made the decision to leave my extensions as is to prevent messing up the color.

Things I’ve Learned About Wearing Hair Extensions

Along with my experience, I’ve also made some research and read about other women’s experiences with hair extensions. So far, here are the things I’ve learned about them:

  • There’s a chance I could still experience some hair thinning or hair loss issues. Okay, so this is a bit alarming when I first read about it. So I did more digging into this issue and as it turns out, it’s normal for women to experience hair loss when wearing hair extensions for a long time.

On average, we lose about a hundred strands each day. You may have noticed some hair fall here and there. It’s normal so we don’t really mind it. In addition to those hundred strands, we may also lose some hair, particularly those that are sandwiched between the hair extensions. So, hair thinning or hair loss will likely happen if we wear extensions for an extended time.

I know what you’re thinking, how can tape-ins be the solution since my hair was already thinning after pregnancy? What caused my hair to fall a lot was because of the sudden drop of hormones or something.

It has slowed down now and my hair is starting to recover. Some areas already have hair growing, particularly the front and side parts. They’re still really short so I need to cover them. This means I’m going to need my tape-ins more than ever! I’ll just have to take extra care of my hair.

  • I can’t use my tape-in hair extensions beyond the recommended duration. My hair will keep growing, which will cause the tapes to go down and farther away from my head. This will make it harder to separate them and keep them from tangling.
  • I should give my scalp and natural hair room to breathe. I thought about it and it makes a lot of sense. Even if I take proper care of both my real hair and tape-ins, there’s still a chance that I will experience some itching and other issues when wearing extensions for a long time.

This means that after using and reusing my tape-ins for a few months, I should let my scalp and real hair rest and recover. After all, wearing extensions will also rely on the overall condition of my hair. If it’s not healthy enough, I don’t think extensions will even attach to it properly.

  • If I do continue to wear hair extensions after removing my tape-ins, I’ll be using my clip-ins instead, which are temporary. This way, I can still flaunt an awesome hairstyle during special occasions.
  • All types of hair extensions could cause some damage to a certain degree, but tape-ins are known to cause the least. Great news for me!
  • Human hair extensions are so flexible! I don’t tie my hair up but I can style them in other ways, like using hair straighteners and curling irons.
  • I shouldn’t use heat styling tools too much. I must treat my tape-ins like how I would treat my real hair. Too much heating can cause the hair to become dry and brittle.

Some Recommendations If You Plan to Get Tape-in Extensions

If it’s your first time to get hair extensions, you’re probably feeling a mix of excitement and confusion right now. I know, because that’s how I felt. Before I made the final decision, I did my homework and got to know more about them.

To save you some time, here are some tips before getting your first hair extensions:

  1. If you plan to color your real hair, make sure that it will match your hair extensions. If you didn’t order them yet, then no worries! BUT, if you already did, then you have to wait for them to arrive before deciding on the color.

You need to schedule an appointment before installing your tape-ins to make sure you choose the right color that will match your hair extensions. Also, ask your stylist for some recommendations to avoid any regrets in the future!

  1. I bought an extension brush and it’s indeed really useful. It’s specially made for hair extensions to keep them from tangling and knotting. I personally recommend that you get one too.
  2. Do not cut, relax, or perm your hair on the days after your consultation and before your appointment. Stylists are going to attach the tape-in hair extensions based on your hair’s condition during your consultation. Please keep this in mind to avoid any problems on the day of your appointment.

What to Do Before Going to Your Appointment

  1. Before going to your stylist on the day of your appointment, don’t forget to shampoo your hair using a clarifying shampoo to remove any oil buildup and debris. The tapes won’t stick properly to your real hair if it’s not clean.

Your stylist can wash and dry your hair, but it will save you a significant amount of time if you do it earlier. If you don’t have other plans for the day, then it’s fine if you prefer your stylist to do it for you.

  1. If your hair tangles easily, make sure that you remove all the knots first before applying the shampoo. Then, check again after shampooing. Tangles will make the application a bit difficult.
  2. Rinse your hair thoroughly then repeat. Then, use your regular conditioner. Blow dry your hair to make sure that it’s completely dry when arriving at the salon.

Take note: Don’t use any styling products! Your hair must be in its natural texture when putting hair extensions. You can style it once the application is done.

The Bottom Line

Like everything else, hair extensions come with both benefits and drawbacks. There is no perfect product so it shouldn’t be a surprise that wearing them will come with some issues. Based on my experience though, I really enjoyed them and they did boost my confidence. The drawbacks are a small price I’m willing to pay anytime if it means I get to flaunt awesome fuller and longer hair!

I can truly say I’m a better mom and a person as a whole ever since I became more confident with my overall looks, and hair extensions are among that made this happen!

If you’re thinking about getting hair extensions, I say go for it! Just make sure you get them from a reliable hair extension manufacturer. Learn how to maintain them properly so you can enjoy them longer with minimal problems! Good luck!