Interview: Lucrezia Candelori Fashion blogger

We recently had an interview with Lucrezia Candelori, a rising fashion blogger from Rome, Italy. We decided to dedicate a fashion blog which feature everything about her in the fashion industry. We really wish she will have an amazing future in the Fashion industry. Ben fatto !


I am Lucrezia Candelori, a 21 years old Italian blogger from Rome. My biggest passions are fashion and writing: that’s why I decided to open a fashion and lifestyle blog almost 2 years ago, to share everything I loved with people with the same interests. Today, along with the blog that I keep running by myself, I’m also a contributor for the magazine Glamour, I collaborate with national and international brands on a daily basis, and I’m a university student at the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

Experience as a fashion blogger

When people ask me why I decided to open a blog, the answer is straightforward: because the fashion industry is what I love and where I want to work in the future. I’m passionate about everything related to this world, and since the moment I started this journey I have made so many exciting and open-minding experiences that I’m so grateful for.
Although everything is not always as easy as it may seem, I would never give up on this dream I’m living. Fashion blogging has given me the opportunity to meet so many people, visit so many places and do so many things that I would have never experienced if on that day of July I hadn’t taken the courage to start. Sometimes it’s hard to balance everything and to find time to do all the things you’re supposed to do, but I think that if you eagerly love something you can always find a way to make it work.
Today I work with lots of amazing brands thanks to my website  and my Instagram account (@lucreziacandelori), I write for a famous fashion magazine, and I keep on taking and enjoying all the fantastic chances this job can give you. I never take anything of this for granted, and I know everything could end one day, but for the moment I just wanna enjoy the things I’ve accomplished and kept on working to improve myself.

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