Inspiring Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Tattoos for girls

Tattoos are a great way of expressing yourself. It is a reminder, a memory, that stays with you. Sometimes there’s a deep meaning hidden behind it and everyone loves hearing a great story.

Everyone wonders which tattoo they should get. It’s never an easy decision to make as tattoos are permanent and would stay on your body for a long, long time; and one wrong decision? Well, good luck getting rid of that tattoo. But you don’t have to worry as you are just at the right place, at the right time and we have some incredible ideas for you that you would most certainly love.

Small Tattoos:

Girls often go for small tattoos which don’t cover a big part of their bodies, unless you’re really tough, a rock star or in a gang, but you’re most likely to prefer small tattoos. 

An Inspirational Word:

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You could get any simple word tattooed on your finger, ankle, wrist, or pretty much anywhere. It would always remind you to be Brave, Beautiful, Cheerful or pretty much anything.You could even get someone’s name or initials. There are thousands of words to choose from.


Musical Note:

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If you have some love for music, or you are really a musician then getting a tiny musical note on your body could be the best decision you ever make. It looks elegant and pretty.

musical note tattoo


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Are you religious? Then getting a cross is the best thing you can do to always remind you to have faith. It would give you courage and satisfaction that God is always watching over you.

A Flower:

Flowers are the best thing you could get. They are elegant, pretty and give you that girly vibe. There are millions of floral designs and you could get pretty much anything and it would look incredible.

flower tattoo

Birds TATTOO :

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Birds are often seen as a symbol of hope. As we mentioned flowers above, birds can also be of many types. Doves and Hummingbird tattoos are the most common. You could also get feathers.

birds tattoo


Bow tattoos are one of the most common tattoos among girls, I mean, why wouldn’t they be? They look adorable.

bow tattoo


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Girls and hearts have deep connection since the beginning of time. They show your compassionate side, so getting a tattoo is a great thing.


hearts tattoos

Tattoo Jewelry:

A lot of people these days are getting Tattoo jewelry. You could get a tattoo ring on one of your fingers, or a tattoo anklet.

tattoo jewelry

Large Tattoos:

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Most girls don’t go for the large tattoos covering a lot of area on their bodies but when they do, boy oh boy, do they look great or what? Here are some Large Tattoo Ideas we think you might like:

large tattoos

Sleeve Tattoos:

Sleeve Tattoos are the most common among men but they are also gaining popularity among girls.Here are some examples of Sleeve Tattoos you could get.

sleeve tattoos

Back Tattoos:

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Back Tattoos are quite common, they really look incredible if you are wearing a backless dress, or going out for a summer day on the beach. They can easily be hidden and some people might never even know you have a tattoo at all.

back tattoos

No matter which tattoo design you decide on getting, we are sure it would look great on you. Just make sure you’re going to a good tattoo artist who knows what he is doing. Enjoy!


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