Emma Watson: Fashion & Street Style 2020

We’ve seen Emma Watson since childhood, playing our favorite witch in the Harry Potter series. What what is Emma Watson up to now? Well, she is not only a woman’s rights activist, speaking as a spokeswoman at the UN  for her He for She campaign and other important conferences but we’ve also seen her become a style icon.

She has an ethical style, that makes us want to be just like her and dress just like her. She has graced the Covers of several fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire etc. She has a flawless sense of style which is so simple and elegant with a touch of chic vibes that we should definitely add it to our wardrobe for 2019.

If you are looking for everyday casual outfits to wear then here are some of the most important streets looks by Emma Watson:

1- Sweaters

Who doesn’t like sweaters when it’s chilly outside? They are comfortable, warm and cozy. And if you are wearing sweaters they would add an elegant vibe to all your outfits. If you get sweaters that are the right fit you would look as classy as Emma Watson.

2- Punk Look

Emma Watson, even though she is British she still pulls off the American punk look quite well. It is more of a rebellious fashions statement from her side. How she makes the Punk look seem so casual is by wearing checkered patterns on the main outfit, whether it’s a skirt, pants or a dress. If you wear black leathered boots or a faux jacket it would give it an elegant punk look.

3- Faux Leather Jackets


Whenever casual street style is mentioned leather jackets are an essential item to have. Leather jackets don’t always have to be associated with bikers. You could choose a black or brown leather jacket like Emma Watson prefers with leathered heeled boots.Or you could simply wear a casual tee and denim jeans and wear a leather jacket on top of it.

4- Accessories

Emma Watson pulls off her accessories like hats, gloves, shades, scarves, belts so well that it doesn’t sacrifice her normal look. When choosing accessories it is important to know which accessory would go well with the outfit and Emma Watson shows us perfectly how to pull that off.

5- Shorts

Shorts aren’t often seen as a classy outfit but Emma Watson sure knows how to make it seem classy. Summer is just around the corner and shorts or short skirts are an essential item to have. You could wear a button up shirt or a simple and casual tee with the denim shorts.