To all the young girls out there, isn’t difficult to avoid using makeup now a days? Do amazing makeup products making it hard for you to put a full stop on buying tempting makeup products every day?

Makeup industry is expending day by day. The range of makeup is dramatically increasing from premier, foundation, face powder, highlighters to endless lib balms, lipsticks and contours. The competition is really high and it is not easy to say that which makeup products are the best. Some brands has literally raise the market of makeup and alluring packaging make it hard to control impulsive buying.

Young girls are spending thousands of dollars to buy branded makeup. Brands like log Angeles, Huda Beauty, Color pop, LVMH, Tarte, NYC professionals, Maybelline, and many more are inducing every young girl to use attractive and appealing makeup brands. Previously, teens used less makeup than today but now it is even common among them.

According to one survey teens started using makeup at the age of 11.The ratio of teen using makeup is increasing swiftly. The matter of the fact is skin problems are also growing day by day. The skin problems such as, hives, blisters, acne, cold sore, redness, itchy skin and dryness. Definitely, use of makeup daily effect the skin badly. The side effects of makeup can get worst if not taken care on time. Here are the most common side effects of using makeup.

1.  Eye irritation, conjunctivitis

While using makeup you might have observed sometimes eyes may get wet or pinky. It is very important to protect your eyes when applying makeup. It shouldn’t go into your eyes. Try not to share your eye liners or other eye makeup with anyone

2. Headaches

Although it is surprising but headaches is a common problem that usually happen when exposure to makeup is prolonged. This is the reason makeup removing cleansers and tonics are now been introduced by many makeup companies. Moreover, use of contact lenses is also harmful.

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3. Blockage of pores

When a foundation or premier is applied to your skin it block the pores. Blockage of pores means your skin is unable to breathe while makeup is applied. The use of too much makeup makes your skin look dead when you haven’t applied any makeup. This is also a cause of spots and blackheads on your face. Try to use cosmetics that are oil controlled. Moreover, fairness creams and sunscreens that is not matched to your skin type can cause serious issues.

4. Acne

Every other girl suffer from acne problems. Sometimes using 2-3 things together also cause chemical reactions. There are many cases in which the reactions has impacted the faces badly. To save yourself from acne it is important to use fresh products because of the time the bacteria keeps on growing on cosmetics and this causes it to grow skin infection.

5. Skin aging

Makeup also cause skin aging quicker. Your skin is sensitive and it require extra care. When you apply makeup you often rub it while applying foundations. This process of application and removal slowly keeps storing some amount of makeup and chemicals to your skin and damage its pores that harm your skin without showing its effects immediately.

6. Skin cancer

This is not very common but yes the most frightening disease that makeup can cause is skin cancer. Especially lipsticks has aluminum that may cause glucose less absorbent. On the other hand parabens one of the ingredients that is found to be used heavily in cosmetics is linked to causes of cancer.

7. Skin Discoloration

In some cosmetics there is bleaching effects that also produce darkness in the skin. Lower quality makeup darken the lip color. Even there is a pungent smell or oil that is unpleasant so one should avoid using those makeup.

8. Worsen the Acne

Girls who have acne are already advised by the dermatologist to avoid makeup especially until their treatment is going on. The fact cannot be denied that no matter how natural the cosmetics are they have some percent of chemicals. Even herbal products at times causes reactions.


9. Redness, dryness and allergies

Most often when we remove makeup leave scratches or red marks that may be turned into permanent marks. Moreover, the application and removal of makeup on daily basis pull the moisture from the skin leaving it dry. Most of the time cleansing products that often used by beauty salon cause reactions to our skin.

10. Dark Circles

Today, if noticed there are many girls who has dark circles. Even after applying makeup it is not easy to hide them. One of the reason behind it is the access use of makeup.

11. Hair Problems

Now, this is the most well-known problem of using beauty products. Even man and women both are facing extreme hair loss and hair damage issues with hair gels, sprays, serums and conditioners. Meanwhile they make your hairs look soft and silky but it keep on damaging them from inside. It is often observed that uses of these beauty products make hair white. Even young girls and boy have a lot of white hairs because they use too much gel and hair sprays.

12. Hormonal imbalance

Your endocrine system may got effected with extended use of cosmetics. According to research it also affect the functioning of thyroid gland.

13. Lung diseases

Obviously, environment has a great impact on us. Our lungs require fresh air and application of heavy makeup allow us to breathe the fragrance of it. There are certain chemicals in cosmetics products that are harmful to inhale. Especially powder base cosmetics for examples silicates talc is the ingredient is not good for lungs.

Wrapping it up

Your skin is one of the most important thing that can impact the way you look. One should always care of their skin. Looking beautiful by wearing makeup is okay but ensure that it is not causing skin problem.

To avoid such reactions to your skin try to choose makeup that suits your skin type. If your skin is over sensitive that buy products by contacting dermatologists. Patch test is recommended when trying new makeup to know whether the content suiting your skin type or not. Do investigate and read out what ingredient do the cosmetics contains when you are buying.
Let’s aim to live beautifully simply by taking care of the beauty products that are best for your skin.

Don’t compromise on your skin, eyes or lips problems as they are painful and take time to cure.