21 Exquisite Nail Art ideas


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Makeup is a sorcerer world of fantasies where you can have plenty of exciting stuffs. As the quotes states “Makeup is not a mask but its an art,passion and expression” and “The best thing to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural”.

The elements it is comprised make this whole thing a sublime and attracting tool. Nail art in particular is certainly one cornerstone part of way and it gives a beauteous presentation to the fingers all along with hands.

It’s in women’s nature to look stand out and beautiful among others, so for that they definitely give importance to their nail knowingly it’s not the prominent part of the body but it slightly include some exquisiteness to the hands to show the sparking emboss they possess. Nail art have been around since long and as time passes they have come in gazillion varieties and especially they have got some serious dedication for different events scheduled in the calendar which means you can have different styles of it for different events.

Nail art actually you won’t believable is  a four seasonal element of makeup and for that the makeup artist around the world promoting the ideas of new designs every since now and then. The reason for nail art popularity nowadays is perhaps can be that it’s easier to apply, you just no need to work hard to learn this in fact  it takes some few practice session to get the real expertise of coloring your nails.


These nail art design and polish or  whatever call them provided a convenient way to show the captivating view to your hands as if it had be designed just to seek people’s attention not only to the face but also for the hands as well. Following are few awesome collection of nail art and design, enjoy sliding around and apply them as well for the new beautiful look to the hands.

Credits : Pinterest & Instagram


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