Women Fashion Trends Prediction for 2018

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This is a GuestPost by : Sadia

2017 has been an incredible year for fashion. Where we witnessed women in Hollywood speaking out against their sexual harassers after several allegations were made against Harvey Weinstein, and several women also deciding on wearing black dresses at the Golden Globes in January to make a statement on gender inequality.

Fashion has all been about making powerful philosophical statements in 2017. There was a time when diversity was an issue hardly talked about but now as years go by diversity will stay on the rise, in fact, we can look forward to seeing more range of body sizes, skin colors, and ages. Transgender models would frequently be seen on the ramp, too. Casting plus-size models was seen on the rise too and hopefully we’d see more plus-size models on the ramp in 2018.

 After such a depressing year overall politically, many designers Changed the mood with uplifting, colorful, joyous clothes that took us off into another realm. From Almond Pastels to rainbow colors and the 80s powerful fashion trends seen on the rise. Everything seemed dull from the inside but the fashion made it seem all cheerful, and this would certainly be the case in 2018, as well.

 Here are some trends you need to keep an eye on in 2018


1- Pastel Colors

Pastel Color Outfit

Delicated Almond shades were seen as a strong fashion statement throughout 2017, and they aren't going away anytime soon, Pastel colors would be heavily seen during Spring/Summer 2018, so do not throw anything away from your wardrobe and flaunt those colors all summer round.

 Preen's show, which was inspired by womens' rights movements and where saris were seen, was an incredible show on how to be pretty and powerful - which featured draped shapes and calm shades of palest pink, grey and green.

 Lilac would be making a huge comeback, so don't forget to buy a lilac bag this summer.

 2- Check Prints

Check Prints

Checks aren't just solely winter-only fashion trend now, they're now seen as a convincing case for being Spring's major print.

 From Folksy ginhams at Loewe, blue and red plaids at Alexander McQueen, an entire show on plaids at Fendi, which even featured checked tights, and from shopper bag checks at Mary Katrantzou. Check Prints are definitely not getting out of trend anytime soon.


 One best thing about plaids is that they can be worn with any diverse style - it would always catch the eye of others, and remains outstanding.

 From Balenciaga, Sonia Rykiel Fendi and Miu Miu, each designer put incredible show of checked items, from coats to dresses. So keep some plaids in your wardrobe as 2018 would be incomplete without them.

 3- Short Suits 


 Women’s suits in 2018 with a skirt will be really popular. The skirts could be pulled off well with Jackets. Summer fashion trends in 2018 already see a rise in the statement short. From silky boxer trend by Louis Vuitton to High-Waisted leathers by Saint Laurent.

 Another trend to look out for Is Shorts and suits. Yep, you heard it right, Shorts and Suits; it seems tailoring this summer would simply finish at the knees.

 4 – Stripes


Stripes were widely popular on the fashion runways globally. Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, Pinstripe and all other versions of stripes were commonly present at the runways. It is easily going to be a major print seen during summer/spring of 2018.


 Fendi's runways featured plenty of neutrally colored stripes. Also, Phillip Lim, Adam Selman, Derek Lam and several other designers also featured a lot of striped fashion. The trend was even seen on comfortable track pants.

 5- Floral Dresses


 Can summer ever be complete without florals? I think not. And 2018 wouldn't disappoint either as it is going to be among the main fashion trends this summer/spring.

 The Liberty prints at Chloe and ditsy florals at Loewe are going to be in fashion. The perfect summer dress with floral design has a wide range to choose from, so don't be shy and go grab that floral dress.

6- Slogan Prints


 With political awareness on the rise, slogans have become a huge part of fashion trends each year, and it's going nowhere in 2018 either, in fact, slogans would be seen more commonly globally on T-shirts, accessories, and sweaters than ever.


 Some prominent names to mention are Moschino, Rosella Jardini, Gucci, and Au Jour le Jour, they have all slogan prints that have gone viral globally. So keep an eye out for more catchy slogan prints and speak out your mind through fashion.

7- 80s Trends

Who doesn't like a bit of nostalgia? 2017 was all about the 80s vibe as 80s fashion ruled over Paris and Milan shows. Many trends returned to the runway, and out in the world of fashion and they won't be going anywhere in 2018 either. So pretend as if you are reliving your youth days from the 80s, wouldn't we all love that?

8-  SportsWear


Another 80s trend was seen on the runways, yes! It was sportswear. The shellsuits have made a comeback, Gucci's flashy two-piece and Isabel Marant's tracksuit with high heels.

 To pull off this trend without seeming like a circus escapee is to wear a shellsuit jacket with something sexy and smart on the bottom.

 9- Puff Sleeves


We mentioned 80s trends above and another 80s trend making a comeback are Puff sleeved jackets, high-waisted jeans, white slouchy boots and big-shouldered printed dresses.

 10 - Animal Prints


 Animal Prints never go out of fashion but the new trendy prints that we have seen in 2017 would become even more flattering in 2018. From Cow patterns to snakeskin prints, that surprisingly looked quite stunning and complimented the figures of each model.

 11- Feather Clothes

 2018 is going to be all about white feathers flying from shoulders with feathered clothes being on the rise. Although, be careful not to wear that in the rain.

12- Accessories

OTT earrings, bumbags, and Chokers are the accessories that would be widely seen among the main fashion trends in 2018. Yes, the Chokers aren't going anywhere either this summer.

Other noteworthy trends are:

Micro Florals Cartoon Prints Tropical Prints  Art Inspired Prints Pop culture prints Soft floral prints Crayola Colours  Fringing

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