9 New Ways to Dress Up Your Jeans

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Jeans are cute and comfortable, which is why everyone definitely has one in their closet.

They come indifferent cuts and fits to suit any body shape.

Skinny jeans and leggings, for instance, are a great choice for anyone who wants to tuck their jeans into boots during the colder months. But if you want loose clothing, boyfriend jeans are your go-to solution because they are comfortable and give off a relaxed look.

Other jeans styles are also available to help you channel your look for the day. There’s bootcut, cropped, straight leg, distressed, frayed-edge, released hem, patchwork, sailor, moto, paperbag, selvedge jeans and many more.

You may think that jeans are made for casual events only and not a good option for semi-formal events because you might feel out of place. However, reputable stylists say that with the right pair of tops and accessories, you can use jeans for any type of event or occasion.

Here are nine different ways to dress up your jeans:

  1. Add a button-down shirt

You think button-down shirts are boring? Opt for a bigger size and tuck it into your jeans. If not, consider accessorizing it with classy pieces like a belt or a neck scarf. You will be amazed at how stunning your outfit will be.

  1. Pair them with heels or ankle booties

Pairing your jeans with a simple pair of stilettos, wedges or pumps can instantly upgrade your look. But for a classier look, consider wearing pointed nude heels with your ankle-length skinny jeans, which is the newest trend nowadays.

Aside from showing off your shoes, this look lengthens your physique so you will appear taller.

If you don’t have ankle-length skinny jeans, this does not mean that you should you go to your tailor and have all your jeans cut to such a length. Instead, just roll up the hems of your jeans until they sit above your ankle bone.

Ankle booties work the same – they make your legs seem longer. The difference is that you should tuck your jeans into your boots. Weather-wise, this is a better outfit for when it is cold.

  1. Use a coat or cape

Coats are a must-have if you want to look stylish.

Choose a fashionable coat to pair with your jeans to draw attention and add a touch of glamour. Capes are also a great addition to any outfit because they help transform your look from casual to dramatic. But you have to keep your look simple by sticking to neutral hues and wearing minimal accessories. For maximum effect, use a pair of pumps.

  1. Wear a hat

Fashionable hats can boost your overall appearance. For instance, a wide-brimmed hat will add a bit of flair to your outfit. Bonnets are great options as well – but they give off a more casual vibe.

  1. Match skinny jeans with an oversized sweater

In the world of fashion, balance is important.  So if you want to wear an oversized sweater or any top with an exaggerated cut or shape, pair it with skinny jeans. This will not just make you seem curvier than usual (especially if you are on the thin side or a narrow-hipped type), but will also draw attention to your (apparently) shapely bottom half.

  1. Layer your tops

When it comes to layering, correct proportion is crucial to achieve a superb result.

Playfully layer your tops and pair them with skinny jeans so that your bottom half will look slim. A bodysuit under a cropped denim jacket is a good example, especially if you are going  to attend a pool or beach party. You just have to remove your jeans and jacket – and voila, you are ready for a swim!

But if you want to use baggy jeans, you should opt for a layered, body-fit crop top (instead of oversized shirts) to look fashionable.

  1. Wear a dress over your jeans

Wearing a dress over straight leg jeans is one of the newest trends today. Be careful, though, in choosing the type of dress so it won’t bog you down. Consider choosing night-gown inspired cuts and sheer fabrics. This style is suited for gallery openings and parties.

  1. Don fishnet stockings under ripped jeans

Ripped and baggy jeans have come back as a trend nowadays. Make this look fashionable by wearing fishnet stockings under your jeans. This is the best way to add a sexy, peek-a-boo element. Besides, ripped and baggy jeans are perfect for hinting at the layers underneath.

  1. Match a revealing top with your high-waist jeans

You have probably heard of the fashion rule saying that if you are bare in one area, you must be covered-up on the other.

Again, it’s all about proportion in the fashion industry.


Wrapping Up

So if you are wearing high-waist, skinny jeans, you can wear a revealing top. You can choose between a backless sweater or an off-shoulder blouse.

Cover up with a sheer or loose cardigan, or a leather jacket when the cold creeps in. Else, just wear your top confidently because your jeans got you covered.


With these myriad ways of dressing up your jeans, these versatile pants surely got you covered. All you need to do is pair them with the right tops and shoes to dress up or dress down your look. All up to you.



Ethiopian-born and Dubai-based fashion designer Feiruza Mudessir discovered her curiosity to mix the traditional with contemporary at a young age, and this has become the trademark of her designs today. When you slip into one of Feiruza’s creations, you can almost hear the rhythms of Africa, the beats of India and the vibrancy of Dubai – this distinctive and colorful mélange is just what Finchitua is about.