5 Tips to Look Dazzling on Special Occasion

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In our hectic schedule, time is of prime significance. Running against time is not anymore a habit but it has become a way of life for us. But special occasions do come up now and then where we are required to look our best.

It is during these times, when you are bound to be up on your toes and direct some of your attention towards yourself. This is when you find there is so much that you need to do and so little time left.

Are you experiencing something similar? Well, not to worry! Here are some fabulous tips that will help you whether you have a day to primp yourself for a party or just an hour. This is the ultimate list of the hottest tricks that will accentuate your looks to a great extent. So sit tight and just read on to grab the ideas.

  • Get Tan and Toned and Perfect Your Complexion – Mix the firming body cream with a liquid bronzer and then massage it onto the arms. This way your skin will be tightened up and you can make it glow. Use a yellow-based cover-up for counteracting the redness of a pimple. This is a great way to camouflage it. Then use a concealer brush for patting it on precisely. You can blend the edges with your ring finger.
  • Contrast the Tips and Lids– Go for a bold contrast between your bails and eyes. Use a crisp-off white nail polish and smouldering eye look. You do not have to worry about your manicure to match your clothes. This combo is something that will look very elegant and attractive.
  • Pump up the Hair Volume and Work on Your Hair Flair – You can get vivacious tousled strands with this trick that we will stay. After blow-drying, switch to the cool setting, then flip your hair over and target the nozzle around arbitrarily for a few minutes. This actually creates pockets of air in between the locks as a result of which it looks extra full. A glittery accessory can add instant glamour to your mane. If you have forgotten to bring one to the office, then you can use a brooch from your sweater for the task.
  • Sweeten Up the Cheeks and Opt for a Gorgeous Glow – With a deep berry powder brush you can create a foxy flush. Use a fluffy brush to twirl in slight circular motions over the apple cheeks and back towards the hairline. This way your cheeks will look beautiful and attractive.
  • Make Your Gloss Multitask – Always keep a pearly white lip gloss in your desk drawer to use not only on your lips but also on your cheekbones and brow bones as a highlighter.

The above are some of the things that you can try prior to attending any event on short notice. Even the professionals of the event companies find these tips to be highly beneficial. Once you try these, you will look gorgeous without putting in much of your valuable time or effort in to the process.


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