Rocking Wide Leg Pants :11 Secrets To Know About

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These pants, we think of the 1970s when it really made an impact in the fashion scene, in beachy styles. After that year, it faded in the spotlight to make way for new fashion trends. However, the modern version of these palazzo pants was borrowed originally from the looks in 1970s, which borrowed the look from the 1930s.

Notwithstanding the classic flower child associations, wide leg pants feel bizarrely immaculate right now.

Brief History of Wide Leg Pants

 The wide leg pants dates back to the 1920s up to the 1950s with the intermittent reappearance before and after that time too.

From the 1910s to the 1920s, these particular flared pants were worn inspired by Asian clothing as lounge pants. These were made of silk. Also known as the pajama pants, these were worn by big fashion stars at their homes for entertaining or for lounging around the house. The pants hung down at the natural waist, has a straight cut and has a roomy fit with the design looks more Asian and is always worn with matching tunics.

In the 1930s, they were now known as the beach pajamas, worn outside for the summer as beach attire or sports pants that were worn as casual everyday trousers. Back then, these “lounge pajamas” were not mean to be slept in but for leisure wear especially when heading to tropical vacations and cruises. It was also in the 1930s when they added wild patterns to the bell bottoms and had different textures like oversized pleats to it.

In the 1940s, these were known as “culottes” but the oversized pleats and wild designs have died down. They were thinned down that created a skirt-like shape that is about hangs down up to the knee.

In the 1950s, they bid goodbye to the wide leg pants. Denim jeans became the fashion trend and it has not been until the 1970s when these trousers once again emerged in the scene.

Today, these low-slung, wide-leg trousers dominated the fashion runways. We have seen different looks, colors and textures of these pants that it has been considered the next season’s closet must-have. You would seriously feel incomplete without them.

There are so many women that’s afraid of sporting these 90s nostalgia trousers. But if you learn the secrets on how to properly style these babies, you will certainly look like you came out straight out of the runway.

Here are the secrets to wearing the wide leg pants:

#1 Buy Long Wide Leg Pants

If you’re a short-legged woman, flared pants look very lengthening when they fit well at the top, so buy them long. It would look weird if you wore short flared pants, making you look short even more. Make sure that you choose these types of trousers that would hide your heels when wearing high heels.

#2 Accentuate Your Waist

If you want to hide your muffin top to create an hourglass figure, choose high-waisted palazzos or simply add belt to define your waist.

#3 Balance the Look – Tuck in Your Top

 Another way to accentuate your waistline is to tuck in your top to your bell bottom pants. It’s all about the balance, creating a flattering silhouette while not making you look like you’re drowning in fabric. Whether it’s a long, loose or tight blouse or shirt, you have to tuck it in.

#4 Wide Leg Pants with Pockets – A No GO!

 While this style of pants can be the perfect trend for women with a pear body shape, you shouldn’t choose pants with any side pockets to it since it will add an extra bulk. Pear shapes would benefit from flat front pants instead of those pleated ones.

#5 Choose Neutral Colors

A lot of women know that the flared trend can be intimidating, but if you feel like you need to tread lightly, then opt for neutral shades like black, cream, camel, navy or gray. These colors are not only perfect for office wear but for casual wear as well.

#6 Choose White

A solid pair of white wide leg pants especially when you pair it with a white blouse or any neutral shade blouse would also give a fresh, sophisticated casual summer look that screams “heading to a lux beach party”.

#7 But Choose Also Statement Colors

 You will never go wrong with a wide leg pantsuit in a statement color, like royal blue. There’s not much required in accessories when you rock matching royal blue blazer and royal blue trousers with a contrasting white blouse. Having bright fuchsia pleated pants will have you standing out in a crowd since the color is an on-trend and very-fashion forward ensemble.

#8 Consider a Pair of Wide Leg Jeans

 Dark wash palazzo pants can be dressed up or dress down, whether you have plans for a lunch date, evening out or casual weekend hangout. You’ll love how long your legs will look in these wide leg jeans.

Light wash wide leg denim is also in trend this season, making the jeans look wearable for summer.

#9 Wide-Pant Magic: High and Black

 There’s nothing more slimming that a well-fitted pair of wide black pants that hit your waist perfectly, or even higher. The intensity of the hemlines of the pants will make your waist look slenderer.

You can try pairing your high-waist black palazzos with a crisp white blazer and a white tank top.

#10 Prints Prints Prints

 One essential feature of these wide leg pants is that they’re enjoyable and care-free must-have wardrobe pieces. Printed flared pants, especially in bold and vivid prints, are the perfect go-to when you want people to make their heads turn and to actually look fun and happy-go-lucky.

#11 Side-Slit Trousers

 Tall women should try out side slit trousers because you’re lucky enough to pull this one off. The best way to show off your legs is through this floor-grazing, flirty bell bottom trousers that will make every woman jealous of your fashion sense.