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Kendall Jenner Wardrobe

Kendall Jenner has become a household name and a fashion sensation over the years. Belonging to the famous Kardashian Family she is a famous supermodel today, she always seen in the limelight and fashion ramps showing off clothes from several brands.

Kendall’s style is covetable and highly defined. She has a taste like no other. She is always seen looking flawless whether it is during the day running her usual errands or at night, out with her friends going to fashion parties of clubs. She knows how to balance her casual wardrobe and formal wardrobe. She knows it all.
If you are inspired by Kendall Jenner, and want to dress just like her then we have some suggestions for you. Here are some of the best outfits she was seen wearing over the months.

Kendall Jenner Tops:

Kendall Jenner has flaunted a variety of tops over the years but the ones she has been wearing a lot are:

1. Crop Tops

2. Off-the-Shoulder Tops


We have seen Kendall Jenner in all sorts of bottoms. From shorts, skirts, denims to leggings. We think her most amazing bottoms that she has been flaunting lately are:

1 –  Leggings

2 – High-Rise Skinny Jeans


Another wardrobe she loves playing with is her choice of Jackets. Kendall Jenner has been seen wearing all sorts of jackets but here are the top two looks of Jackets she prefers:

1 – Bomber Jacket

2 – Duster Jacket

Kendall Jenner Shoes:

From casual shoes to formal shoes she can pull them all off easily. Mostly she is seen wearing sneakers when she’s running some errands otherwise she loves Ankle Boots:

1 – Ankle Boots

2 – Sneakers


Kendall Jenner is mostly seen wearing metal shades and statement belts and big earrings. We think her favorite accessories to wear are:

1 – Metal Sunglasses

2 – Statement Belt

Check out all in one go, slideshows to follow 🙂

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