Fashion Trends of Summer & Spring 2018

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Summer 2018 is almost here. And what better time to give you folks some information on the best upcoming fashion trends of 2018? We all get bored of the items in our wardrobe from last year, and we want to always keep up and fill our wardrobes with something new and trendy.

We’ve been paying close attention to all the fashion shows from all around the world. There are some amazing and cool trends this year on the fashion ramps this month. While there are some trends that are here to stay from 2017, there are also new trends and the ones from previous years. So you would be happy to see a lot of trends on the list as you wouldn’t even have to spend a lot of money on them.

Here are some of the best fashion trends for 2018 that we think every girl needs to follow this summer.

1 – Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are definitely making a comeback. They are going to be a majorly important item in your wardrobes this summer, and we cannot wait to pull it off. Jumpsuits will be in for every body type and every style. All the major fashion houses will be aiming to make jumpsuits, from Gucci, Tod’s Armani etc.

2 – Sportswear

Sportswear was seen on all the fashion ramps earlier this year. The sportswear fabrics and pieces were seen with silk dresses and skirts which brought a whole new take on the athleisure. Jumpsuits by Fenty x Puma. Marc Jacobs and Dior brought a striking touch to skiing suits, motocross and scuba diving sportswear.

3 – Fanny Packs:

Did you guys think that Fanny Packs would become a thing of the past? Well, you are most certainly mistaken. That’s Right! Fanny Packs aren’t going anywhere, in fact they were seen everywhere on the fashion ramps this month. We won’t lie but Fanny Packs actually look pretty awesome. There were fanny packs of all colours from house of Holland to Marc Jacobs, while many designers kept a more contemporary approach to the fanny pack design. Gucci had more chic design and overall Fanny Packs are definitely not going anywhere, so you might as well get one.

4 – Bright Pink

Yes, you heard it right. Bright and Shocking Pink colours are going to be in all season. Like we saw dull and light colours last year, this year bright colours will be everywhere. Bright Pink being the most prominent one among them. Tom Ford’s bright pink broad shoulder jacket which was worn by Mica Argañaraz over a brighter jumpsuit was the highlight of the end of this fashion month. After that, Bright Pink was seen everywhere on the fashion ramps mixed with bright yellow and other colours. Pink is definitely going to be in this summer 2018.

5 – Denim on Denim

It is a well-known truth that Denim can never ever go out of fashion. And such is the case this year as well. Denim is the hottest trend this summer and from the top to the bottom, everything Denim is definitely in. From Oscar de la Renta to A.P.C everything denim is in. So do not throw that old jeans away as you would be needing it the most this summer.

6 – Dresses and shirts

Dresses over shirts isn’t a new trend in fact we have seen it trending countless times over the past few years. Wearing a simple and casual dress over a T-shirt not only looks funky but also elegant. They can be worn over silk dresses, floral prints, leopard shirts etc. So if you want to keep up this summer then you must definitely try wearing a dress over a cute t-shirt.

7 – Print on Print

If you love mixing and matching just like the dress over shirt trend we wrote about above, then you must definitely keep up with the next big trend of wearing print on print. You could mix two different prints, by wearing different patterns of colours or designs in the same outfit. Gucci, Dries Van Noten, Marni and Maison Margiela had some pretty amazing print on print designs this summer. There is no rocket science to following this trend so have fun mixing and matching.


What makes the trends we mentioned above is the fact that you do not even have to go to the market to get those items. They must all be present in your wardrobe already. So you could save plenty of money and just wear whatever you have following the trends mentioned above and you would fit right in.

So do let us know in the comments below which trends you would like to follow this summer and if you think some other trend should’ve made it to our list then let us know about that too. Your feedback is always appreciated at ChicCraze.