Fashion Fads: Five Trends No One is Seen Wearing Anymore

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“Fads are the kiss of death. When the fad goes away, you go with it.”Conway Twitty

Every fashion season has something different to offer and more often than not, having it take off is a hit-or-miss thing. Aptly called as trends, these fashion styles would no sooner be called fads before the next one is in season and fashionable.

For a certain time, they will be all the rage—fashion bloggers would be raving about them, style enthusiasts would be seen buying them in hoards and fashion purveyors would only be happy to cater to the public’s demand. Unfortunately, after a year would pass, these are the items that would hinder us from elevating our style and these fads will hold us back from achieving our style potential.

While they offer us quite a lot in terms of variety, we would no sooner want to be seen donning them at the risk of looking outdated. Although there is nothing terribly wrong with consuming fads, the valuable space in your wardrobes could have been used for something ensembles that are a little more timeless and classic.

Getting rid of fads means that your style is evolving—clinging on to them will only deter you from enhancing your personal style. Whether it was yesteryear’s hip-hop clothing or your once beloved ensembles from back in college, here are the fads no one is wearing nowadays (and so should you):


The moniker is supposedly a fusion for jeans and panties—thus, janties. Unfortunately, the only interesting aspect of this once-hot fashion trend is its name. Commonly seen worn by girls in music festivals and Coachella-esque events, this pair of denim shorts are cut so short that more often than not your butt cheeks would spill out. They were great for showcasing long and toned legs—at the price of your dignity of course.


Considering that music festivals are all the rage, crowns in various forms, shapes, and colors became a rather popular headwear for women. However, it does not matter whether these crowns are flowered, jeweled or feathered—chances are, you will only be wearing them once and chucking them under your closet after the music festival is over.


The nineties are back and they gave some of the most timeless styles a modern—albeit tacky—update. Short flimsy rompers are the millennium’s rendition of a classic favorite. Unfortunately, while the recent version is more comfortable than its denim counterpart, the garment itself looks more appropriate as sleepwear rather than as a casual attire. Furthermore, they are unflattering from behind—the gathered waists take all the shape out of your behind and they are seldom the right length. Walking is even harder as it would look as if your butt is eating them or has to spit them out.

4.) Culottes

Reminiscent of the style our grandparents once wore, culottes have been somewhat of a trend in the past year. A cross between wide legged crop pants and flowy skirts, a pair of culottes has been the go-to casual wear for most women. But nowadays, it is rather hard to dress these up. Moreover, tapered jeans that do fit look more flattering and would showcase your silhouette better. In any case, if culottes are your thing then just wear a skirt or a pair of pants, just choose one.

5.) Poufy Midi Skirts

Poufy midi skirts look like they are more at home in a high school prom or in a Stepford mansion—either way, they just do not mesh well with other casual basics and staples. Additionally, the rather formal styling makes it a bit of a challenge to style without looking like you are wearing a costume.

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