Exquisite makeup ideas for girls

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This fashion blog is drafted wonderfully by one of our passionate fashion blogger. The intent which boost her to write this blog is more than the commitment of her to keep on writing amazing blogs to connect you people with the CHICRAZE community & also well focused and upgraded in the wonderland of makeup.

As you all know that makeup is an art which add some extra charismatic impact in the beauty and appearance to ones entire look so this complete blog provide you DIY for the makeup ideas especially smokey eye, casual occasions,parties, dates and prom nights.

Moving further let’s seek your attention to cling level and engrosses it in a categorized way. Well you must be wonder what surprise we have in this piece of art, so here’s the deal; In this blog we have made picture compilation in the form of collage to give myriad ideas regarding each particular type of makeup. So let’s jump to the the detailed version without wasting anymore time.



1) In the collage you can see all these fashion model deeply focusing the artistic technique to put on lipstick. The lipstick has been applied with better blending just to show the epic color effect(whether it’s dark or light). The images also shown different lipstick art style to show more affectionate makeup compatibility.



2) Especially dedicated to all those girls who love to attend parties and prom nights. This type is quite as easy as it looks and one more important factor it add some enticing looks to the beauty to illuminate with glamorous show stopper presence.

3)A complete package of different styles of makeup with awesome tools and technique performed by the professional artists just to greet and give immense respect.

4)Smokey eye makeup lately has gained some popularity by girls, mostly for the occasions like marriage or parties.

5)Combination of deep eyes makeup along with blushing on the cheeks just to identify the importance of face to be glowed with numerous tools and cosmetics.

6)Party makeup has also been into trend for a very long era and prolonging it’s vintage look to the makeup lovers challenging themselves with new yet exquisite styling. Enjoy some crazy and beautiful makeup ideas.


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