8 Summer Wedding Party Decor Ideas

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Getting sun-kissed while lying down amidst a lush green meadow dotted with wild flowers while munching on a scrumptious scoop of ice creams – this is one of the most cherished summer memories that we crave to relive time and again. So if you are planning to get hitched in the summer months you should make the most of the warmer temperatures and longer days.

Tying the knot in the summertime can give you the opportunity of bringing together your favourite summer aspects like lip-smacking cocktails, frivolous summer dresses, opulent greenery and sumptuous ice creams.

And the best thing about the weddings held during the summers is that you can celebrate it in the lap of nature. So here are some fabulous party décor ideas that will be able to help you organise this special occasion in such a way that will remain embedded in in the minds of people for all the right reasons.


  • Include Flamboyant Escort Cards – You can create a board and cover it with ikat fabric. You can make the setting more dramatic by draping the board with garlands. After that you can hang the colourful and bright tasselled seating assignments from the board. This suits the summer mood and can take your wedding party décor to a whole new level.  
  • Go for Signs Offered in Marquee Styles – You can use the marquee-style signs to see your names illuminated.  These are extremely funky and can add the fun quotient to your wedding. What’s more they are extremely fashionable and affordable too. These are made with inexpensive cardboard letters with the bulb strings. The signs are capable of jazzing up any bar, dessert table or can be just a kick-step-turn types.
  • Decorate the Ceiling – You can enhance your interior décor by channelling the style of the country fair. What you can do is string up the ceiling of your marquee or the venue where your wedding is being held with handmade bunting, paper honeycombs and pompoms   to embellish and not leave behind even the heights of the venue.
  • Add a Touch of Greenery – Since your wedding is held during the warmer months the naturally planted trees, fresh blooms  and lush greenery already make up for a great ambience. You can further highlight these by putting flowers in jam jars and hanging them from pegs. These can be used to guide your guest from one place to the other like from the cocktail bar to the aisle or from the marquee to the terrace.
  • Light it Up – Lanterns are just ideal for the summer months and they never go out of style. You place them in stands surrounded by pretty flowers and they will be able to accentuate the entire place. They look unique and add a touch of elegance to your wedding. You can also light up the area of reception with vintage domes made of brass and an Italian hanging crackled-glass globes.
  • Glam it Up with Centrepieces –Cage-shaped floral centrepieces are ideal for any summer events and occasions especially for the vintage and garden-inspired weddings. You will get a plethora of cage designs if you go to a crafts shop. These are enigmatic centrepieces that can accentuate the ambience to a great extent. All you have to do is style these with some flowers and you can get a super pretty look for the tables that your guests will just love.
  • Arrange a Magnificent Dessert Table – Decorate a dessert table in a way that can leave anyone swooning with delight. You can include mini éclairs, fruit tarts, a couple of standout cakes, gelato ice creams and anything else that can look luring to your guests. Such a table will also enhance your party décor to a great extent.


  • Adorn the Dinning Setting – You can present wedding favours in striped paper bags at each setting. You can hang honeycombs and fans in a cacophony of flamboyant colours. You can tie in the back of the chairs the bunting or purchase it in miniature forms for using as an instant cake-topper.

The above are some of the most popular décor ideas for summer weddings that you can use to organise a ravishing party on your big day. You can opt for wedding furniture hire to get the perfect pieces to go with your wedding theme. This way you will be able to throw the perfect party that will remain in the minds of your attendees for a long time to come.

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